What are the location options?

Depending on the style of shooting, it can be:

- Outdoors (sea, field, forest - an ideal location for a  photoshoot; if you have an opportunity to go outside of Tallinn - I'm in!)

- In the city (a walk through Old Tallinn streets, in the process we can go to a cafe and take atmospheric shots with a cup of coffee, sitting on the terrace)

- In the studio (I shoot in minimalistic studios, without unnecessary decorations that take too much attention. For example, @stuudiomantel, @limestuudio)

- At your home (a great opportunity to save the moments of your real life)

NB! Photoshoot price does not include studio rental.

Is there a possibility to have an express photoshoot?

I don't offer express photoshoots. In the process of shooting, I don't like to be limited by time. On average, the shooting takes from 1 to 2 hours plus the time of travel. For the result that I strive for, 15-30 minutes of time will not be enough. As a rule, the first minutes of shooting are spent on liberation, relaxation and involvement in the process. It is important for me not to shoot a certain number of frames or work for exactly one hour, but to help you relax, feel yourself and feel each other and at the same time enjoy the process. It all takes time. Depending on your experience and many other factors, it may take more or less time to emancipate, but, in any case, it is definitely not 15 minutes.

This is my first photoshoot experience and I absolutely cannot pose for the camera. What should I do?

First of all, no need of panic! Just trust me. Most of my clients have no experience in the role of a model but you can see the result yourself in my portfolio. I am not a fan of staged photos that look unnatural, so during the shooting I always direct my clients, giving them various tasks in motion (asking them to run/walk/hug/kiss etc.). We will definitely discuss all the details and nuances in our conversation with you!

How do I prepare for the shooting?

A photosession is a team work between a photographer and a client. Of course, a professional photographer takes most of the responsibility on himself, but there are also some parts that depend  on the client. Here are some of them :

- Decide in what style of photos you prefer. As a photographer I always have some great ideas, but I need to now what photos you are expecting from me. The more details I now the more chances there are to make the best photos for you.

- Think in advance what you want to look like: choose clothes that fit you well, think over your makeup and hairstyle. Do not forget to discuss this with the photographer to make sure all the above details look harmonious. 

What clothes to choose for shooting?

As mentioned above, harmony between the image, location and idea of ​​the photo is very important. First you need to decide on the style of clothing, since I shoot lifestyle photography, then the clothes must match your everyday style. My goal is to capture the moments of your real life, so the chosen image should not be simulated and too ideal.

I recommend to choose calm and neutral shades of solid colors. For example, black, different natural colors (for example, shades of green, beige or brown) are well suited, neutral pastel colors, such as beige, milky, powdery, also look great.

I recommend to avoid flashy patterns, logos and bright colors, as they draw too much attention to themselves and photos lose their harmony. 


And most importantly - pick up those clothes that will not hinder your movements and that are comfortable for you. I recommend to avoid too slim-fit clothes. 


Still have questions?

Leave your question and I will contact you to discuss it!