My main goal is to create photos that will help you capture warm and joyful moments of your life


I am very glad to meet you! My name is Liza and I am a photographer from Tallinn.


The goal of each photoshoot for me is to create for you such photographs that you can enjoy not only today, but also many years after, remembering the happy moments from your life. In photography, I appreciate naturalness, minimalism and depth of feelings. The highest value for me is love, which is why I like to shoot it the most. Everyone sees love differently, but for me personally, it reveals itself in tenderness, caring for each other, respect, sincerity. In my works there are both lively and dynamic shots, as well as calm and static ones - the main thing for me is the authenticity of what is happening. For this reason, I do not shoot in interior studios. Favorite places for shooting are fields, seas and forests. Of course, with our Estonian climate it is not always possible to get out into nature, so I also shoot in minimalistic studios or at your home. If you feel that our vision and values ​​are the similar, then feel free to contact me and book time for a meeting :)


I shoot weddings, individuals, couples and family stories. I would be incredibly glad if you share my view of photography and we can meet in person!

If you still have any questions or you did not find information you were looking for, be sure to contact me in any convenient way.

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